Gov’t E-Services

JIP Offers FREE ACCESS to Government E-Services!

As a valuable service to all JIP Prepaid Internet users, we are offering access to the Philippine Government's E-Services Portal via www.Gov.PH website. Below is a summary list of services users can avail, even without prepaid load.

Business and Trade

Accreditation, Credit Finance and Programs, Import and Export

Certificates, IDs and Individual Licenses

Citizen Certificates, Government Memberships and IDs, Voting

Clearances, Permits and Licenses

Compliance Certificates, Clearances

Disaster Information, Mitigation and Management

Emergency Response, Hotlines, Maps, and Red Zones

Education, Scholarships and Training

Basic Education, K to 12, Technical Training, Scholarships and Grants, Vocational


Eligibility, Job Openings, OFWs, Professionals

Housing and Utilities

Housing, Land Developers, Reclamation and Utilities

Health and Social Services

Health Benefits, Hospital and Health Centers Finders, Social Programs and Pension

Loans and Insurance

Contributions, Housing and Government Loans, Others


Tax Information and Revenue

Travel, Visa and Tourism

Immigration, Customs Declaration, Tourism Information and Visa

Assistance and Complaints

Request for Government Assistance, File Complaints