The Audi Q5 on cue


It is a best-selling car from Audi that has been made even more powerful and sporty. I am talking about the Audi Q5 that I was able to take for spin recently.  Matter of fact, Audi says a that Q5 sets the bar a notch higher for SUVs.

Well, perhaps it does just that with its new features including the quattro drive with ultra technology, highly efficient engine, adaptive air suspension and an array of infotainment and assistance systems.

This cool-performing SUV with the four rings combines the sportiness of an Audi with a multifaceted character and a highly-flexible interior.

A cool, cool drive

There it was, the Audi Q5 sitting in the driveway of my home, as I was getting ready to bring it for a spin.

Of course, there is no way that I could not like what I was seeing — after all, the Audi Q5 is built much like a uber modern SUV.

So, I hop on and get the engine revving. And purr it did with its 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

But, before I drive out of my home I sit in the cockpit and look at what lies inside.

I notice that keeping with what is uniquely Audi, like the distinct curved lines, I notice that the new Q5’s interiors provide comfortable space for five persons. The infotainment is also at its best with MMI terminal as the main control element and the Audi virtual cockpit’s high-resolution 12.3-inch screen.

I like that the lighting in the cockpit creates a bright atmosphere in 30 different colors.

As I fiddle a little more, I am awed that the Q5 is also customizable as  I could choose among four Audi Drive Select options, a system connected to the vehicle’s main mechanical components.

There is the Individual Mode for driving to my own style, Automatic Mode that adjusts for me based on my driving style, the Dynamic Mode for more engine power and the Efficiency Mode for lower fuel consumption. 

Excitement was building up as I had imagined myself driving through SLEX and shifting between modes for this drive to wherever my heart so decided.

A cockpit with everything within reach

Let’s go

 It is 6 a.m. and I am all hyped for a day out of Metro Manila as my heart is in need of a break.

My Q5 date is dressed and ready to go. I step on the gas and we are off.

I am on the SLEX in less than 15 minutes because it is Sunday and the traffic is light.

As I pick up speed I notice how quiet it is inside the Q5. That of course is because this SUV has been designed evolutionary styling in an all-new platform, which allows for more power, a smoother ride, a quieter cabin. 

I love quiet rides on Sundays because it is in silence that my heart finds peace — I must add it is also in the cool cabin of the Q5 that even my spirit is allowed to soar.

I love that even if the ride is smoother nothing is lost in the sporty sense. I could feel the Q5’s suspension’s firmness particularly when the big bumps on the road came as I started to drive towards Los Baños.

As a driver I just love to sit in the driver’s seat and let my thoughts run wild with dreams of how I can fulfill the dreams I still have in my heart.

Believe me there is nothing more soothing that being able to allow my thought to wander than being in the cockpit of such a comfortable SUV as the Q5.

Since this was a leisure trip — with the drive as the reward I was happy where I was. Let me just let you in on the fact that the Q5 was so comfy and smooth that I could almost ignore all those pesky motorcycles that were trying to overtake me on the blindside.

I will just add here that the Audi Q5 also bagged the top spot in the “Large SUV” category of the Golden Steering Wheel 2017, a prestigious car awards established in 1978. It won against seven other competitors in the “Large SUV” category.

Stop and smell the Buco Pie

It was nearly 8 a.m. when I reached Letty’s Buco Pie in Los Baños. There was a line building up with hungry drivers like myself.

Buco pie on hand it was time for me to find a spot inside the UP Los Baños campus where I could park the Q5 and have my fill of my ever-fave buco pie.

The campus was quiet on this Sunday morning and the cool parking spaces under the trees were plenty.

But, before I hopped on to the back of the Q5 where I would sit and savor my snack, I walked around the Q5 and gave it another good look.

There’s good headroom up front and as I tested the back seats and the seatback I liked the way the seats made me feel comfy.

I opened the power liftgate and I smiled as I looked at the cargo area.


Sunday with the Audi Q5  —  sweet dreams are made like this.