Caring teacher draws praise from netizens


Caring teacher draws praise from netizens

Eva Visperas (The Philippine Star) – November 10, 2019 – 12:00am

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan – A teacher from Pangasinan State University shown recently in a Facebook post taking care of the baby of one of her students during class has drawn praises from netizens.

The FB post last Nov. 7 showed PSU teacher Grace de Vera carrying the sleeping five-month-old child of senior education student Ella Cerezo while in the middle of a class activity. Cerezo had sought permission from De Vera to be allowed to bring her baby to class, as there was no one to take care of the child at home.

The senior education student-mother also earned praise from netizens for showing determination in finishing her studies.

Cerezo told The STAR that after explaining her situation to De Vera, the latter – to the student’s surprise – volunteered to take care of the child during class.

De Vera, who is herself a mother, said she readily offered to help Cerezo because she is aware of the hardships student-mothers have to endure just to fulfill their dream of finishing school.

The baby, in De Vera’s arms, was quiet and slept the whole time his mother was busy doing her school activity.

Cerezo’s classmates said they found the image of their teacher carrying the baby of one of her students cute and touching, prompting them to take photos and post them on FB later that day.

“Yung instructor ko kayang alagaan si baby ko para lang matapos ko yung Activity. “THANK YOU MA’AM” (My teacher took care of my baby so I can finish my activity),” Cerezo’s caption for the post read.

She said she did not expect her post to become a trending topic, especially in their campus.

As of yesterday, the post had 434 shares with 1,400 reactions and 57 comments.