6. User Registration


    A. Create a JIP User Account

    Step 1. After connecting to the Wi-Fi, first time users can open a web browser and complete the USER REGISTRATION

    Step 2. Users are asked to provide their FIRSTNAME, MIDDLE INITIAL, LASTNAME, USERNAME, PASSWORD, COMPLETE ADDRESS, MOBILE NUMBER, EMAIL and BIRTHDATE. Please read and follow the instructions on the page.

    Step 3. Click on the REGISTER button to SUBMIT the information and complete the REGISTRATION process.

    Step 4. This is a one-time registration process for all new owners of JIP prepaid modems.

    Step 5. You are now automatically forwarded by the system to our JIP portal, found at http://portal.jip.ph. Save this website in your web browser’s bookmark section.

    Step 6. All devices connected to your modem via Wi-Fi connection or LAN wired connection can access .ORG, .EDU and .GOV.PH websites for FREE. To access other websites or use mobile apps, please log-in to your JIP USER ACCOUNT and ACTIVATE your monthly FREE 3GB data allocation.

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