8. JIP Libre 3GB Activation


    Unlike other prepaid Internet services, JIP offers its users FREE monthly 3GB to surf the web and use their mobile apps. Here’s a quick guide on how to activate your JIP LIBRE 3GB, ready to share to all your devices.

    Step 1. Using your smartphone, tablet or computer, connect to your JIP modem Wi-Fi or LAN Internet. Open your web browser and visit the JIP Portal http://portal.jip.ph.

    Step 2. Go to your USER ACCOUNT by clicking on “MY DASHBOARD” on the menu link.

    Step 3. Under the PACKAGES section, click on LIBRE3G dropdown box and then click on ACTIVATE PLAN button.

    Step 4. Once LIBRE 3GB is activated, your account ONLINE STATUS should initially display the following data: DATA LIMIT is set at 3 GB and USED DATA is set at 0 bytes.

    Step 5. The information displayed by the USED DATA field is the total data downloaded by the user. The information is updated by the system every 5 minutes.

    Step 6. A green colored, circular button “GO USE PLAN” will appear at the top portion of the screen. Clicking on this button would allow the ACCOUNT OWNER to start using the JIP LIBRE 3GB plan, and use the data allocation indicated by the DATA LIMIT. Note: All devices connected to the modem can now access all websites and apps. More device connected means faster consumption of the 3 GB data allocation limit.

    Step 7. Once the LIBRE 3GB Plan is being used, the green GO USE PLAN button will change into a red colored, STOP USE LIBRE button located at the top area of the page.

    Step 8. The ONLINE STATUS information will also change upon the initial use of the green GO USE PLAN button. The system will also now display the EXPIRATION information for your LIBRE 3G plan. Note: All remaining, unused data allocation will be removed on the indicated date and time.

    Step 9. Clicking on red, circular “STOP USE LIBRE” button will stop the use of LIBRE 3G plan and access to all websites. All connected devices will now revert to the JIP Libre plan, with limited access to the JIP Portal plus access to .ORG, .EDU and .GOV.PH websites.

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