10. Frequently Asked Questions


    Q1: What are the requirements before I can avail the JIP Prepaid Kit?
    A1:. The JIP Prepaid KIT is NexLogic’s offer to all current and active cable TV-only subscribers of Telmarc Rizal. The kit can only work in select areas with JIP Prepaid service availability.

    Q2: What are the expected download speeds for the JIP Prepaid Kit?
    A2:. The JIP Prepaid Kit offers up-to 5Mbps download speeds for all its plans. The free, limited access: JIP Libre; paid access: JIP Unli 20, JIP Unli 50 and JIP Unli 290 are guaranteed to have NO DATA CAPS. The free, access JIP LIBRE 3GB have a monthly 3GB data allowance.

    Q3: What is JIP LIBRE?
    A3: JIP LIBRE is NexLogic’s exclusive prepaid offer that allows JIP users basic access to .ORG, .EDU and .GOV.PH websites for FREE with each purchase of a JIP Prepaid Kit. We also provide a portal for users via http://portal.jip.ph where users can read news articles; download and play free games and apps; download and read ebooks; listen and watch podcasts; look for job postings; interact with the community through forums; and so much more content planned in the near future!

    Q4: What is JIP LIBRE 3GB?
    A4: Aside from the free Basic Internet access and free content, JIP users can look forward to the JIP LIBRE 3GB. This JIP’s free Internet access to all websites and to all apps. but is limited to only 3GB data allocation, expiring for 30 thirty days. JIP modem owners will receive their monthly JIP LIBRE 3GB every first day of the month. Any unused data allocation from previous months will be removed by the system once the free 3GB is received by the customer.

    Q5: How can I use JIP LIBRE 3GB?
    A5: A detailed guide on how to use JIP LIBRE 3GB is found on page 10 of this manual.

    Q6: How can I use JIP LIBRE 3GB?
    A6: A detailed guide on how to use JIP LIBRE 3GB is found on page 10 of this manual.

    Q7: I want to play a Android mobile game; or I want to visit Facebook; or I want to watch YouTube- but I don’t have JIP LIBRE 3GB data allowance left. What should I do?
    A7: We would like to advice JIP users to try our JIP Unli Prepaid. The JIP Prepaid Load vouchers can be activated using the registered JIP ACCOUNT linked to the modem.

    Q8: I am a current Postpaid CATV and broadband Internet subscriber. Can I switch to a JIP Prepaid Kit?
    A8: Yes. The switch from postpaid to JIP Prepaid can be done but terms and conditions dependent on your current susbcriber contract. Please contact your CATV provider for more information.

    Q10: How many devices can we connect to the JIP modem?
    A10: The JIP modem can connect up to 16 devices including wired LAN and WiFi connections. The users connected to the modem will share the bandwidth.

    Q11: Where can I buy load for JIP Prepaid Load ?
    A11: JIP owners can avail JIP Unli 20, JIP Unli 50 and JIP Unli 290 load from authorized sari-sari stores and resellers.

    Q12: How can I suggest new features, new websites/apps or give suggestions for JIP LIBRE ?
    A12: JIP users can send us an email via jipsupport@nexlogic.ph. We welcome constructive feedback from all.

    Q13: I plan to buy two or more JIP Prepaid Kits for my homes and business. Is it possible to set them up and manage through one JIP USER ACCOUNT?
    A13: For security purposes, our system will only allow one JIP USER ACCOUNT to be linked/tied to one JIP Modem. Each modem would need one separate account to work.

    Q14: I activated my LIBRE 3GB but have not consumed all the 3GB data allowance. Can I load UNLI 20 and retain the unused data from LIBRE 3GB after the UNLI 20 expires?
    A14: Yes. The system will allow you to load and activate the UNLI 20 voucher even if you have remaining data from your LIBRE 3GB. Please take note that the system will prompt the user before the UNLI 20 voucher is activated (This is done to prevent accidental reloading). However, due to technical restrictions, you will lose all remaining data allowance from LIBRE 3GB once your UNLI 20 expires. Your LIBRE 3GB data allowance will refresh upon the first day of succeeding month.

    Q15: Can you explain how the UNLI prepaid plan works?
    A15: Once a user loads and activates an UNLI 20, UNLI 50 or UNLI 290- the user needs to click on the green, circular “GO USE PLAN” button located on the top of the JIP DASHBOARD. At this point all devices connected to the modem can now access the Internet: visit all websites, use mobile apps, watch streaming videos, update social media, etc. Clicking on this button also consumes the time allowance given for each plan: for example- 6 hours of actual use for UNLI 20; 25 hours of actual use for UNLI 50; and 192 hours of actual use for UNLI 290. Clicking on the red, circular “STOP USE LIBRE” button will stop the time consumption of the plan and Internet access will revert to JIP LIBRE.

    Do you have a question or clarification? Try our customer support email via jipsupport@nexlogic.ph or send an SMS to our friendly NexLogic technical team JIP<space>USERNAME<space>MESSAGE and send to 0917-55-77-333

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